We specialize in 26 inch BMX Bikes, 29 inch BMX Bikes , FatBMX Bikes, Dual Motor  Electric Skateboards  and Quad Motor Electric Skateboards

Our mission is to provide our customers  premium products. Our philosophy is to make sure you have options on our products. We offer choice, flexibility and easy upgrade paths with local support and service. We have tested and proven our products are of exceptional quality making sure that you will be completely satisfied.

Advanced ESC limited to 44kmh

AWD or 2WD 900w Hub Motors (Up to 3600W of power)

Range up to 40kms

11ah and 13ah Li On LG Battery

Roll Auto Turn On

LED Remote with Speed, Cruise, Battery Percentage

Front/Rear Powerful LED Lights

Old School BMX Looptail Rear End

6061 Alloy Frame With Large Butt Joints For Better Support

Front and Rear 160mm Disc Brakes

Unique Australian Design

29”, 26” and 26” Fat Alloy Rims and Hubs

29” Wide Cruising Bars with Sinz Grips

Electric Skateboard Guide

Electric Skateboard Product Guide

We’ve taken the time to research and compile a detailed guide on what makes up our electric skateboards. Check out some interesting facts and see what makes Thump electric skateboards different.

BMX Guide

BMX Bike Product Guide

The ultimate biker’s guide for Thump 26 inch BMX Bike, 29 inch BMX Bike, and Fat BMX bike – ranging from alloy frames, rims, forks and wheels to their powerful braking system.

Latest Blog

T4 Quad Motor Electric Skateboard

Why You Should Buy An Electric Skateboard

If you are considering buying an electric skateboard, there are some things you need to watch out for and investigate. It does not matter whether you are buying for pleasure, commute or even just from point A to B travel. Below we will talk about some tips that you should consider when ...

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

All Terrain Electric Skateboard Testing

As we continue to develop our all terrain boards we have elected to get some real world feedback from the global community. Thump has engaged with reviewers and testers in the Australia, United States and Europe and provided them with a T20 Dual Motor All Terrain Electric ...

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