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All Terrain Electric Skateboard Testing

As we continue to develop our all terrain boards we have elected to get some real world feedback  from the global community. 
Thump has engaged with reviewers and testers in the Australia, United States and Europe and provided them with a T20 Dual Motor All Terrain Electric Skateboard. Although not in a production configuration we think it is vital that we have feedback from real riders, real distributors and some influences in the community as to what we can improve or change. 

We expect this UAT / Testing process to continue for some weeks as the boards are shipped around to various selected parties for feedback. 

What does this mean for you as the customer. We are not going to dictate the way we want the board but more what real customers will want. Using this in the industry to help us make the right board for you based on real feedback. 

More to come in the coming weeks

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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