Thump was created one day when we were looking for a new BMX bike. We quickly realised the BMX bikes on the market were not very interesting or cool.

Our kids were now old enough to be able to ride their own bikes. We would tell them stories about “how in my day” and they wanted to know why we don’t get one of those bikes now. We had looked around and there was really nothing.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and started designing our own 26″ BMX bikes, 29″ BMX bikes and Fat BMX bikes. Today we have a few designs in which we feel should be what riding a  BMX bike is about. Big, Cool and nostalgic. Bringing the old school BMX into the modern era. Lots of Alloy and a bit of bling. 

To add to the bikes we recently got into electric skateboards. We had brought a couple and the first things we noticed were the decks were all the same. No matter which brand they were bland and lacked style. Then there was the overall service, as most Electric Skateboards are imported and offer minimal if any local service. Exorbitant claims around the range and the top speed that technically doesn’t make sense.

We again decided to take steps to produce our own designs and change the current sales model. With lots of R&D and sourcing only the best manufacturers the Thump brand was established giving you the customer  choice and freedom to be as passionate about our products as we are. 

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