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Are you a retailer interested in distributing our product range of Electric Skateboards and 26” BMX, 29” BMX and 26” Fat BMX bikes? We are happy to discuss options with retailers.  Thump is willing to assist and set up a partnership that can provide you with the after sales and service you require.

Based in Australia Thump is easily contactable and willing to listen. Over time, we really have listened to what the consumer wants. Our mission is to provide something that there is demand for as well as being in a price range that is accessible for all. We want our distributors to understand and be passionate about our products as well as industry.

We are always looking for global agents. We do not have any limits on geographical location and have great connections through the US and Europe already. Our intention is to have an after sales and service model through Asia Pac, Europe and the US.

If you think, your organisation fits this requirement please feel free to contact us using the form below and we will respond shortly to discuss what your options are and how we can move forward with a partnership.

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