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26 Inch BMX 29 inch BMX and Fat BMX bike guide

Here at Thump, we have spent months and months researching the best quality products and perfecting the designs for our BMX bikes. We felt that keeping true to the old school BMX designs was important as well as providing some modern tech for safety.

Frame and Forks


We chose Aluminum as our frame material as it is 12 percent stiffer and 20 percent lighter than steel in it’s most common bike tubing configurations. Aluminium is rustproof and it dampens vibration 50 percent faster than steel. Its stiffness (lateral) gives frames a real fast feeling because the transfer of pedalling force is so immediate. To add to this our unique frame design which includes a rectangle top tube and large to small bottom tube is engineered to provide additional strength. Some may complain that the same stiffness makes for an unforgiving, harsh ride.We purposely opted for chromoly forks to act as suspension to soak up any road shock.

In order to guarantee strength, 6061 series aluminium was used and was very precisely thermally treated after being welded. An aluminium frame can be made stiffer and lighter than steel because it is not nearly as dense. This is done by increasing a tube’s diameter while maintaining the wall thickness, making a tube that is eight times as stiff, but only half the weight.

Why a looptail rear end: We elected for a nostalgic feel and designed a looptail rear end. Besides the nostalgia of this design, the circle and all forms of it are the strongest shapes. This is proven by physics.

T29 29 inch BMX

THUMP BMX Aluminium Frame

T29 29 inch BMX

THUMP BMX Alloy Rims and Hubs

Rims and Hubs

We elected to have our bikes ride on double wall BMX alloy rims. Double wall rims provide the additional strength as well as provide additional suspension. We didn’t want to provide your standard 20 inch wheels as our bikes aren’t really made for tricks or the track. We have made cruising bikes on 26 inch, 29 inch and even 26 inch fat rims. Our bikes are more than capable of roughing it but we recommend that you don’t take them down a mountain bike trail.

Our alloy hubs with 32h which provide rolling capacity as well as spread the load allowing for even stronger wheels.


Originally found exclusively on mountain bikes we decided to incorporate both front and rear discs on all our bikes. With their incredible stopping power, superior speed modulation, and better all-weather performance than traditional rim brakes, disc brakes make huge impacts on your ride. When you pull on a disc brake equipped lever, the resultant braking force is much more consistent. This reliability allows you to accurately judge how much force you need to apply in order to achieve the expected result. So despite it being easier to lock up a wheel with a disc brake, the feedback at the lever means you are far less likely to do so.When you apply a rim brake in wet weather there can be a split second delay before you start decelerating. This delay is due to the brake pad displacing water and road grime from the rim to enable sufficient contact and friction. As such the actual braking force you apply in the dry might not stop you in the wet. You do not get this kind of effect with disc brakes. No matter the weather they are going to stop you. We selected 160mm disc brakes to dissipate heat over a larger surface area.

T29 29 Inch BMX

THUMP BMX Disc Brakes

T29 29 Inch BMX


Cranks and Bars

We opted for Chromoly BMX cranks because of the added strength. BMX Cranks take a pretty serious beating from hard landings or straight up wear and tear, so they need to be built tough. All our cranks are 3 piece Chromoly with a Thump chain wheel.

All our bars are 29 inch wide providing a real cruise feel and allowing you to relax whilst riding.


Here at Thump, we looked into the ideal tyres for our bikes. Our 26 inch and 29 inch bikes riding on mid BMX style tyres providing grip on and off road. We decided that we wanted something special for our fat bikes and created a unique style of 3 inch tyres on a 4 inch BMX fat rim. This provides a wide patch area as well as giving the illusion of low profile tyres.

We are currently working with certain manufacturers to develop our own brand of tyres and hope to have completed R&D testing soon. For those of you who are nostalgic, this will include gumwall tires.

TF26 26 inch Fat BMX


Please have a look at our BMX offerings and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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