Thump Electric Skateboard Guide

Here at Thump, we have spent months and months researching what an electric skateboard should be. Our thoughts are now a reality in our product range. Here are some of the reason we have built our electric skateboards

Hub Motors

Why hub motors? We did not want our customers to have to worry about belts, pulleys and gearing. We have spent significant time on R&D to find the best ESC’s and hub motors to make our boards perform with extraordinary torque and speed. So much performance we limited the speed to be 44km/h – 22mph. We spent time perfecting the torque curve to match the mode selected. (see remotes) Hub motors allow for what we call free roll. Free roll means you can still kick push like a normal non-powered skateboard. Battery wastes or need to take off a little easier you can still kick push hub motors and then engage the electric motors. This convenience is not available on belt drive or direct drive motors. Hub motors also provide standard ground clearance. One of the largest obstacles on belt and direct drive motors is the additional space required for the parts for the drive train. This in itself leads to the potential for failure as this leaves minimal room for any scrapes or bumps that arise. We personally don’t want you to be in a circumstance of travelling over 40km/h and a gear or belt breaking. We don’t think this would be an ideal outcome.

We spent months on our dual and quad drive ESC and motor configurations. As stated earlier the torque and power from our motors is exceptional. Our biggest hurdle was the quad wheel drive boards. This configuration is very new to the market which led to many months of research. Perfecting the ESC and software to power the motors to be smooth but powerful was challenging. Our biggest challenge was braking. We were able to overcome this by allowing our remote to set four different brake pressures. Allowing you the customer to choose the right breaking pressure for you. Four hub motors provide exceptional torque and power but also has exceptional braking ability.

Thump hubmotor
Thump Safesty

Top Speed and Safety

When buying a board most people probably want to maximize your potential top speed. When we were going through our R&D we realised quickly that we could achieve some exceptional top speeds. We are pretty comfortable with speed but we can honestly say that anything faster than 44kph / 22mph can be terrifying. At this speed, you are travelling at 12.2 metres per second. Put yourself in a car with lots of steel around you and space it seems like nothing. Put yourself on a piece of wood with nothing but air resistance it seems very fast especially when the ground is so close to you.

Additionally when electric skateboarding wear a helmet. There can be a lot of unexpected forces that could throw you off and generally, it’s a lot easier to fall than you’d expect. Safety should be your first and only priority when riding.


All our trucks have been engineered and tested to withstand the stresses of riding an electric skateboard. If you do a search for electric skateboard trucks and skateboard trucks you will realise that there are differences. Most electric skateboard trucks are longer and considerably thicker. The reason being is that they have to support the weight of the rider plus the stresses of motorised wheels. We have built our trucks in a configuration that allows for the stresses of our powerful motors to withstand the toughest of situations.

Thump Electric Skateboards
Thump Electric Skateboards


Our remotes run on Bluetooth technology, which allows our advanced LED system to be matched to the board. This led to an ergonomic design philosophy as well as multiple smart technologies to be available. Our remotes provide speed in KP/H and MP/H, battery performance of both the board and the remote, cruise control, ability to change the 4-speed modes on the fly, adjust braking pressure and turn our lights on and off. There aren’t any remotes on the market today that offers all of this in a single device.

Our remotes offer 4 different modes

Beginner, Slow, Medium and High. We elected for this configuration for you the customer to easily become accustomed to your board as well as allowing you to feel comfortable in your riding capabilities.


In researching the wheels for our boards we elected to start with a 90mm PU wheel. These wheels provide a better ratio and also provide better shock resistance. All our hub motors have the ability to change the wheel sleeve. This allows you as the customer to change colours or change out a wheel when it is worn.

We are currently working on our next design of wheels which will be a proprietary offering just for Thump electric skateboard products. We are not far off releasing this to market.

Electric Skateboard Parts
Thump Electric Skateboards


Here at Thump, we elected to put range ahead of weight. We knew that having 11ah or 13ah LG Li-Ion batteries would make our boards heavier than most. We believe that range is more important for you the customer. Although our boards offer aweight disadvantage the majority of this weight is due to the batteries and the custom aluminium casing that we elected to use. There are a minimal amount of electric skateboard manufacturers who are offering this type of battery capacity to provide a true range.

Please have a look at our skateboard offerings and we assure you that you wont be disappointed.

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